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What It Takes

If you want this lifestyle, if you want to be in a studio making records, if you want to get out there and tour/promote/share your record and messages with the world, if you want a shot to be on that media stage across the world then it’s going to take everything. It’s going to require everything you’ve got inside your heart, your mind, your soul and if you make this commitment to yourself and to your music you will one day, have your chance. It’s been proven. Being an artist is not just about making records, singing and playing guitar. It’s about giving. It’s about sharing your talent and your messages with the world.

Artist development in the music industry is something that record companies have done away with for the most part. This leaves the Artist to ultimately find their own way. So the questions that keep circling around in their heads are… ”Where do I begin?” “What do I do first?” Who do I call?” which always ends in… “Who Am I?” and the famous one “I GIVE UP” which are all self defeating “cycled” thoughts leading the artist further away from their dream and not realizing their true talents and potential as a person and as an Artist.

Artist Development is a process and it is not an overnight process. I’ll say that again, it’s not an over night process. It takes time and a lot of work to develop your skills, evolve your talent, your brand and share your messages for a professional career in the music industry.

Below are our Artist Development Programs and what they will give you.


Artist Development
Artist Development

Our Artist Development Programs

We have 2 programs for you to choose from.

The first is our 6 month program that will get you going in the right directions. They say it takes 6 months to create a habit. What an awesome habit to have!

The second is our 1 year program. This will give you the tools that you will need to set your course in the music industry. This is a commitment no doubt but if you’re all in… then so are we!!

The services included and the fee for each program are listed below.

Artist Development

Six Month Program

We will roll this out in the new year 2020!

Artist Development

One Year Program

We will roll this out in the new year 2020!


Six Month Program Welcome to your d r e a m!

One Year Program Welcome to the Machine!!

In our six month program we will take you through the process of discovery, of creativity and we will locate your reason, your WHY for this thing called music.

More coming…

OK, so you’ve made it this far, CONGRATS! But it’s just the beginning. In this next year you will grow, you will evolve, you will discover this talent that you have and learn how to harness it…

More coming…